1. 1024 bytes are equal to
A. 1 kilobyte
B. 1 megabyte
C. 1 gigabyte
D. 1 terabyte
2.  A and B have a locker as either or survivor and A informs that keys have been lost. Thereafter B comes for operations.
A. Bank will not allow operations without consent of A
B. Bank will allow operations
C. Bank will allow operations if indemnity is given by B
D. Banks will not allow operations to any of them without a court order
3.  A balance sheet shows long term uses of funds at ₹ 60 Lakh and long term sources of funds at ₹ 80Lakh.. What is the net working capital
A. ₹20lac
B. ₹30Lakh
C. ₹50Lakh
D. ₹60Lakh
4.  A bill of lading narrates the defective condition of the packing as well as of the goods packed. Such bills of lading is called.
A. Clean bill of lading
B. Straight bill of lading
C. Short bill of lading
D. Claused bill of lading
5. A cheque is presented in the account of Mr. X, but meanwhile a garnishee order is received. On receipt of garnishee order, on account of a customer, what is status of liability of the bank to pay the cheque
A. Stops operations in the account
B. Loses the right of set off.
C. Bank is discharged from the liability to honour the cheque issued by the customer
D. None of the above.
6. A committee was constituted in the year 1993 by RBI to review the system of cash credit, which had suggested the system of working capital demand loan and cash credit component. This is known as
A. Jilani Committee
B. Shetty Committee
C. Vaz Committee
D. Chore Committee
7. A committee was constituted in the year 1993 to review the system of consortium which is known as.
A. Jilani Committee
B. Vaz Committee
C. Shetty Committee
D. Khanna Committee
8. A customer informs that his sister is returning permanently to India after her 8 years stay in UK and she wants to retain the repatriability benefits of the money she is bringing with her. Which of the following accounts can be opened, to suit her needs
A. EEFC account
B. RFCD account
C. RFC account
D. NRO account
9. A device that looks like a CD-ROM but for which a separate drive is needed to read it and it carries huge storage space
A. Floppy
B. Floppy drive
C. Hard disk drive
D. Digital versatile disk
10. A director of joint stock company who operated cash credit account with the bank expired and a cheque signed by him is presented.
A. Bank cannot pay
B. Bank may pay if other directors consent
C. Bank may earmark funds
D. Bank can pay as it is signed in a representative capacity
11. A firm has current ratio of 1.5.1, fixed assets of ₹10Lakh, non-current assets of ₹2Lakh, intangible assets of ₹1Lakh. If its current liabilities are ₹6Lakh. What is the amount of total assets
A. ₹20Lakh
B. ₹22Lakh
C. ₹25Lakh
D. ₹28Lakh
12. A firm has the following financial figures from its balance sheet.Capital ₹12Lakh, Reserves ₹4Lakh, Unsecured loans ₹5Lakh, current assets ₹16Lakh, pre-operative expenses ₹2Lakh. It net worth would be.
A. ₹ 16Lakh
B. ₹14Lakh
C. ₹12Lakh
D. ₹10Lakh
13. A firm is having paid up capital of ₹2Lakh, revaluation reserve of ₹1Lakh, current liabilities of ₹1Lakh, pre-paid expenses of ₹0.20Lakh and pre-operative expenses of ₹0.30Lakh. What will be its tangible net worth.
A. ₹2.50Lakh
B. ₹2.70Lakh
C. ₹3Lakh
D. ₹3.50Lakh
14. A firm revalues its land and building from ₹40Lakh to ₹100Lakh. It current ratio before this revaluation was 1.33.1 with current liabilities of ₹100Lakh. What will be new current ratio
A. 1.17
B. 1.25
C. 1.33
D. 1.50
15. A firm sells a part of its land for ₹50Lakh with book value of ₹20Lakh and receives full payment in cash. Its quick ratio was 1.1 with current liabilities of ₹100Lakh. What is the new quick ratio
A. 1.5.1
B. 1.33
C. 1.2
D. 1.1
16. A firm with three partners, opened a current account with the operational instruction that 1st two partners will operate the account. The firm received a cheque and the 3rd partner endorsed it in favour of another firm from whom raw material was purchase
A. Shivani Cables will become holder in due course if it is not known to them that the 3rd partners has no authority to endorse
B. Shivani Cables will not become holder in due course if they know that only 1st and 2nd partner have authority to operate the bank account
C. Shivani Cabless title will remain doubtful in all circumstances
D. A and b
17. A letter of credit from an overseas Bank, in favour of M/s Rama Exports provides for allowing the exporter the advance at pre-shipment stage and also the warehouse facility to the exporter. Which among the following is the classification of this letter of
A. Transferable letter of Credit
B. Stand by letter of credit
C. Back to back letter of credit
D. Green Clause letter of credit
18. A letter of credit is issued for approximately ₹10Lakh but the invoice of goods sold and the bill of exchange indicates the amount as ₹10.90Lakh
A. Documents will not be negotiated
B. Documents will be negotiated as in such cases the amount can be varied up to 10% less or more
C. Letter of credit has to be got amended for the purposes
D. Any of the above.
19. A loan has to be recovered on the basis of a usance bill of exchange or a usance promissory note. In such case the period of limitation is three years from.
A. Date of disbursement
B. Due date of bill or note
C. Date of default
D. Date of refusal to pay
20. A proprietorship concern has net profit of ₹20Lakh, depreciation ₹5Lakh and annual interest payable on long term liabilities ₹5Lakh. Its DSCR is 2. What is the amount of annual instalment of the long term liabilities
A. 15Lakh
B. ₹12Lakh
C. ₹10Lakh
D. ₹8Lakh
21. A shipping company has issued a bill of lading which does not provide detailed terms and conditions relating to the contract of carriage. Such bills of lading are called.
A. Claused bill of lading
B. Short bill of lading
C. Straight bill of lading
D. Clean bill of lading
22. According to Section 3 of Transfer of Property Act, an actionable claim means.
A. A claim of debt
B. A claim of debt which has not been secured by mortgage of an immovable property
C. A claim to a debt which has not been secured by pledge or hypothecation of a movable property
D. B and C above
23. Agricultural crop seasons can be short term crop season or long term crop season on the basis of recommendations of which of the following committees
A. R V Gupta Committee
B. Narasimham Committee
C. V S Vyas Committee
D. Shetty Committee
24. An exporter approaches for a pre-shipment credit under an LC in his favour issued by an approved bank in the foreign country. Which among the following documents will be examined by the bank to determine his eligibility and quantum of loan amount
A. Import licence
B. Letter of Credit
C. Bill of lading
D. GR/PP form
25. An exporter from India M/s Jaipur Marbles Limited delivers the export consignment to Air India, the named carrier in the export letter of credit, in fulfillment of their obligation of export. What kind of transaction will it be categorised
A. Free on board (FOB)
B. Cost, insurance and freight (CIF)
C. Cost and freight (CF)
D. Free carrier allowance (FCA)
26. An exporter gets a letter of credit for export of garments to US but the expiry date of the credit falls on January 26, which is a public holiday. In such situation the documents for negotiation can be submitted to the negotiating bank on
A. The succeeding working day
B. The succeeding business day
C. The succeeding banking day
D. The preceding banking day
27. An NRI customer is maintaining accounts with your branch. In which of the following accounts, the branch can permit him the facility of nomination
A. Non-resident external account
B. Foreign currency non-resident account
C. Non-resident ordinary account
D. Any of the above
28. An officer of your branch, while appraising a loan proposal of M/s Shiv Kumar and Sons, comes across the balance sheet which reflects the long term uses at 125% of the long term sources. Such use of funds, is expected to result in which of the following
A. Improvement in debt equity ratio
B. Improvement in current ratio
C. Deterioration in current ratio and decline in net working capital
D. Deterioration in debt service coverage ratio.
29. An SME unit seeks your guidance as to which documents are required to be eligible for obtaining a pre-shipment credit. Which among the following is not part of such documents/information.
A. IEC Code allotted by DGFT
B. Their name should not be on the rbis exporters caution list
C. They should not be placed in the Specific Approval list of ECGC
D. None of the above
30. As per balance sheet of a firm the amount of total liabilities is ₹4Lakh, that of fixed assets ₹1.40Lakh and non-current and intangible assets ₹0.40Lakh. Which of the following is true on the basis of above
A. Current liabilities will be ₹2Lakh
B. Long term liabilities will be ₹1Lakh
C. Net worth will be ₹1Lakh
D. Current assets would be ₹2.20Lakh
31. As per recommendations of Vyas Committee, the short term crop season is of the duration of
A. 3 months
B. 6 months
C. 12 months
D. Up to 12 months
32. At the time of renewal of working capital limits of a partnership firm, it was observed by the appraising officer that the quick ratio of the firm has declined substantially but the current ratio has not changed. Which among the following could be true
A. The amount of stocks has declined
B. The firms stocks as percentage of current assets have increased
C. The firms receivables as percentage of current assets have declined
D. B and c above
33. Beyond the minimum amount of ₹1Lakh for a CD, it can be issued in the multiple of Rs____
A. 10Lakh
B. 5Lakh
C. 1Lakh
D. 50000
34. Commencement of employees working hours should be 15 minutes before the commencement of business hou₹ Which of the following committees gave these recommendations
A. Jankiraman Committee
B. Talwar Committee
C. M Narasimham Committee
D. Goiporia Committee
35. Corporate Bank opens a letter of credit in favour of an Exporter in Japan on the request of their import customer Nishikawa Trading Company which is in lieu of a bank guarantee. Such letter of credit is known as
A. Back to back letter of credit
B. Clean letter of credit
C. Standby letter of credit
D. Irrevocable transferable letter of credit
36. Current ratio of a unit is 3.1 and quick ratio 1.1. The level of current assets is ₹15Lakh. What is the amount of quick assets
A. ₹3Lakh
B. ₹5Lakh
C. ₹7Lakh
D. ₹9Lakh
37. Debt equity ratio is 3.1, the amount of total assets ₹20Lakh, current ratio is 1.5.1 and owned funds ₹3Lakh. What is amount of current assets
A. 3Lakh
B. 5Lakh
C. 12Lakh
D. 15Lakh
38. Debt equity ratio of a firm is 2.1 with long term outside liabilities of ₹20Lakh. In the year it incurs loss of ₹2Lakh. What shall be the tangible networth of the firm after this loss at the end of the year.
A. ₹5Lakh
B. ₹6Lakh
C. ₹8Lakh
D. ₹10Lakh
39. For banks to enter into insurance sector, among others, the CRAR should not be less than
A. 8%
B. 9%
C. 10%
D. 11%
40. For import of goods from UK, a customer of Universal Bank enters into an Free on Board contract. What among the following will be borne by the importer, outside the contract, in this case
A. Cost of goods
B. Freight
C. Insurance
D. B and c
41.  For small scale service business enterprises (SSSBE), the investment ceiling in fixed assets excluding land and building is
A. ₹20Lakh
B. ₹15Lakh
C. ₹10Lakh
D. ₹5Lakh
42.  IDRBT stands for which of the following
A. Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
B. Institute for Development and Research in Business Technology
C. Institution of Development and Research in Banking Technology
D. Institute for Development of Rural Banking Technology
43.  If a company revaluates its assets, the net working capital, current ratio and quick ratio of the company
A. Will improve
B. Will remain unaffected
C. Will undergo some change
D. None of the above
44.  In a balance sheet amount of total assets is ₹ 10Lakh, current liabilities ₹ 5Lakh and capital and reserves ₹ 2Lakh. What is the debt-equity ratio.
A. 1.1
B. 1.5
C. 1.75
D. 2
45.  In a balance sheet of a firm, the debt equity ratio is 2.1. The amount of long term sources is ₹12Lakh. What is the amount of tangible net worth of the firm.
A. ₹12Lakh
B. ₹8Lakh
C. ₹4lac
D. ₹2lac
46.  In a letter of credit, by adding a confirmation, the confirming bank undertakes the liability similar to the
A. Negotiating bank
B. Advising bank
C. Issuing bank
D. B and c
47.  In case of accepting articles for safe-custody, the nomination facility is available under which of the following
A. Negotiable instruments Act 1881
B. Banking Regulations Act 1949
C. RBI Act 1934
D. Indian Contract Act 1872
48. In SME financing the banks are to ensure minimum credit of __% of their total credit to SME for units having investment in plant and machinery upto ₹5Lakh
A. 40%
B. 30%
C. 20%
D. 10%
49. In the context of capital adequacy ratio Accord I, the subordinated debt is a component of which of the following
A. Tier I capital fund
B. Tier II capital Fund
C. Tier III capital
D. A and b
50. In which of the following kinds of financing the banks can take up financing for medium term (5-7 years) out of the very long term nature of the projects (15-20 years).
A. Securitization
B. Take out financing
C. Project participation
D. Consortium



51. INFINET stands for.
A. International Financial Network
B. Indoor Financial Network
C. Indian Financial Network
D. Internet Financial Network
52. Interest and principal can be repatriated by an NRI, in the following accounts
D. A & b
53. M/s Sonali Exporters have exported goods worth ₹30Lakh to UK and shipped the same on January 19, 2010 under a letter of credit. What is the maximum period that they can take for presentation of documents under a letter of credit to the bank for negotiation
A. 7 banking days
B. 14 banking days
C. 21 banking days or 21 days of date of bill of lading whichever is later
D. 21 days from date of shipment i.e. Date of bill of lading
54. M/s United Exports Ltd obtained an export order for export of hand tools to Germany for US USD 30000. It has been stated in the credit that in case of need, the exporter can transfer the letter of credit in favour of any other party. Such a letter of credit
A. Back to back credit
B. Transferable letter of credit
C. Green clause letter of credit
D. Red clause letter of credit
55. Master Sachin and Master Sonal aged 13 and 16 respectively, studying in a secondary school, want to have a joint account with your branch.
A. Joint account of minors cannot be permitted. Hence they will not be allowed.
B. Joint account can be opened provided they are from the same family
C. The operations in the account can be on a joint basis and not either or survivor
D. B and c both
56. Micro credit as per RBI definition is
A. Credit extension to micro activities
B. Credit other than big size loans
C. Supply of credit to the poor
D. Credit to scavengers
ANSWER: supply of credit to the poor
57. As per Govt guidelines dated 22nd June 2013 about import of Gold, what is not true:
A. Import of gold in the form of coins and medallions is now prohibited any time
B. At least one-fifth, i.e., 20 per cent of every lot of gold imported into the country is exclusively made available for the purpose of exports
C. Gold shall be made available for domestic use only to entities engaged in jewellery business/bullion dealers and to banks authorised to administer the Gold Deposit Scheme
D. All are correct
58. Mr. Gurdial Singh, had lodged a complaint with the bank in connection with payment of interest on delayed collection of his cheque. Bank however did not care for the same. What conditions must be satisfied for lodging a complaint with Bank Ombudsman
A. A period of one months should have passed from date of his complaint.
B. He should either not have received the reply or he is not satisfied with the reply
C. The period of complaint lodged should be minimum two months
D. A and b both
59. Negotiated Dealing System relates to
A. Trading at stock markets
B. Trading in Govt. Securities
C. Settlement of security dealings
D. Settlement of share payments
60. New Delhi branch of Universal Bank is approached by a foreign tourist to encash three travellers cheques worth 2000 US dolla₹ This purchase of tcs will be called
A. Sale transaction on which selling rate will be applied
B. Sale transaction on which TT selling rate will be applied
C. Purchase transactions on which bills buying rate will be applicable
D. Purchase transaction on which TT buying rate will be applied
61. On saving bank account of which of the following institutions, interest can be paid.
A. Societies registered under Societies Registration Act 1860, companies permitted u/s 25 of Companies Act which are not using limited or private limited word with their name
C. Panchayats and Municipal Corporations
D. A and B above
62. One property has been mortgaged equitably and by some other type of mortgage as well. Which of the mortgages will have a priority.
A. The mortgage which has been created earlier
B. Both the mortgages will be treated on the same footings
C. Legal mortgage
D. Equitable mortgage, if created
63. Out-of-order in the cash credit account is an account where.
A. Outstanding balance remains continuously in excess of sanctioned limit or drawing power
B. There are no credits continuously for 6 months as on date of balance sheet.
C. Credits are not enough to cover intt. Debited during the last 2 months
D. None of the above
64. Prepaid Insurance is shown in the balance sheet of a firm as.
A. Fixed assets
B. Intangible asset
C. Intangible asset
D. Current Asset
65. Priority sector credit to Adjusted net bank credit ratio, for Indian banks should be
A. 30% of ANBC
B. 35% of ANBC
C. 40% of ANBC
D. 40% of gross bank credit
66. Production of oil seeds and pulses is connected with which of the following
A. Green revolution
B. Yellow revolution
C. Blue revolution
D. White revolution
67. SJSRY (restructured as NULM) has which of the following major components?(i). Urban Self Employment Programme (USEP)
(ii). Urban Women Self-help Programme (UWSP)
(iii). Skill Training for Employment Promotion amongst Urban Poor (STEP-UP)
(iv). Urban Wage Employment Programme (UWEP)
(v). Urban Community Development Network (UCDN)
A. I and ii only
B. I, ii and iii
C. I to iv
D. I to v
68. Ram is having an FD and nominated Harish. On maturity the deposit is renewed. The nomination will.
A. Be treated as cancelled
B. Continue to be valid
C. Be taken on fresh basis
D. No nomination is possible on the renewal of the term deposit
69. Rama Charitable Trust has a current account operated by their two trustees. In road accidents, both the trustees expire and this fact comes to the notice of the bank. What precautions should be taken by the bank for future operations in the account
A. The beneficiaries will have to appoint another trustee and on the basis of their resolution the next trustee would be allowed to operate the account.
B. The beneficiaries will be allowed to operate the account themselves.
C. The operations in the account will be stopped
D. The beneficiaries will be told to approach a court for appointment of new trustee in case the trust deed is silent about this
70. RBI regulates the money market and SEBI regulates the capital market. Which segment is regulated by IRDA, out of the following sector
A. Telecom
B. Insurance
C. Banking & Finance
D. Forex Markets
71. Realization of book debts will.
A. Decrease current ratio
B. Increase current ratio
C. Push ahead current ratio
D. Not affect current ratio
72. The advances allowed by a bank for setting up industrial estate will be part of the priority sector in one of the following
A. Indirect agriculture
B. Small scale industry
C. Infrastructure development
D. Indirect finance to priority sector
73. The amount of instalment of a term loan is fixed at ₹10000 per month and monthly average interest on the account is ₹5000. If the amount of depreciation is ₹30000 p.a. And profit after tax ₹270000. What is the DSCR
A. 1.5
B. 1.75
C. 2
D. 2.5
74. The balance sheet of a firm has shown total assets of ₹20Lakh. The long term uses are ₹11Lakh and current ratio 1.5.1. What is the amount of current liabilities
A. ₹11Lakh
B. ₹9Lakh
C. ₹7Lakh
D. ₹6Lakh
75. The centralized processing system in a bank makes use of which of the following
A. Stand alone computers
B. Shared net working
C. Computers connected by a communication net work
D. Computers connected by internet
76. The concepts of Monetary Aggregates and Liquidity aggregates such as M1, M2, M3 and L1, L2 and L3 have been revised on the recommendations of which of the following committees
A. Narasimham Committee
B. Rangarajan Committee
C. Raja Chelliah Committee
D. Y V Reddy Committee
77. The current ratio of a company was 2.1 and current assets of ₹20Lakh. Stocks worth ₹5Lakh are damaged and there is no insurance. What is the new current ratio if the total assets are ₹40Lakh
A. 1.75
B. 1.5
C. 1.33
D. 1.25
78. The customer is identified by the software by his personal ID and pass-word/key word for providing him non-cash services in which of the following
A. Corporate banking
B. Internet
C. Tele-banking
D. ATM system
79. The debit payment system that works on the principle of multiple debits and a single credit
A. Debit clearing
B. Electronic debit clearing
C. Electronic clearing
D. Electronic clearing service
80. The demat shares of a public sector undertaking are converted in to physical shares. This process is called
A. Re-issue of shares
B. Dematerialisation of shares
C. Re-materialisation of shares
D. Demutualisation of shares
81. The device that connects the computer with a telephone line and helps in modulation and demodulation
B. Modem
C. Plotter
82. The device that converts an image into electronic form by shining light and sensing the intensity of the reflection at every point
A. Bar code
B. Light pens
C. Scanner
D. Touch screen
83. The electronic system that provides transmission of financial messages through out the world and is live all the times
84. The export declaration form used for software in non-physical form is.
A. SE 1
B. SE 2
C. Softex
D. Software
85. The fixed assets of a business were ₹10Lakh and capital and reserves of ₹15Lakh, there being no long term liabilities or non-current or intangible assets. If the amount of total assets is ₹20Lakh, what will be current ratio
A. 3.1
B. 2.5.1
C. 2.1
D. 1.5.1
86. The foreign banks with 20 and above branches are required to achieve priority sector target of ______ (As percent of ANBC or Credit Equivalent of Off-Balance Sheet Exposure, whichever is higher)
A. 12%
B. 20%
C. 32%
D. 40%
87. Which statement is incorrect. (Banking business)
A. Carry on and transact guarantee and indemnity business
B. Buying or selling or bartering of goods
C. Acquire, construct and maintain any building for its own purpose.
D. Collecting and transmitting of money and securities
88. The funds that could be loaded into a card, which could be used as cash in case of need
A. Credit card
B. Smart card
C. Electronic cash
D. Narrow money
89. The market based approach aimed at neutralizing part or whole of the monetary impact of foreign exchange inflows is termed
A. Sterlisation
B. Neutralization
C. Globalisation
D. Liquidity adjustment
90. The payment system in which there is a single debit and multiple credit
A. Electronic clearing service
B. Electronic debit service
C. Electronic funds transfer
91. The physical parts of a computer are known as
A. Software
B. Hardware
C. Shareware
D. Fixed-ware
92. The program that initializes the machines to make it operational is covered under the category of
A. System software
B. System hardware
C. Application software
D. Non-utility software
93. The receivables of various loans and obligations are put together and distributed amongst investors, in which of the following
A. Leasing
B. Factoring
C. Securitisation
D. Venture capital
94. The securitised assets representing indirect agricultural loans can be classified as priority sector under which of the following
A. Agricultural credit
B. Direct agriculture credit
C. Indirect agricultural credit
D. Any of the above
95. The term ATM stands for which of the following
A. Automatic teller mechanism
B. Automated teller mechanism
C. Automated teller machine
D. Atomic teller machines
96. The term BIOS represents which of the following
A. Basic input and output system
B. Basic input output standard
C. Base input outward system
D. Basic inward outward standard
97. The term broad money is known as
A. M1
B. M2
C. M3
D. M0
98. The term CAD in the context of use of computers, means
A. Computer application design
B. Computer aided design
C. Computer appraised data
D. Computer assisted deptt
99. The term e-Commerce represents which of the following
A. Economical commerce
B. Electrical commerce
C. Electronic commerce
D. Elementary commerce
100. The term RAM stands for which of the following
A. Read able memory
B. Random access memory
C. Readable accessing memory
D. Read & access memory